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The 10 Tailgating Commandments
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The 10 Tailgating Commandments

Posted byTerry03/25/20150 Comment(s)General,Tailgating Tips,


You have been bestowed the right to tailgate. With such great power comes greater responsibility. Here at Team Tailgate Party we will be offering much in the way of how to throw successful tailgate parties. Everything must have a foundation and this is a great place to start. Follow these Commandments of Tailgating to know the Do’s and Don’ts. 


Commandment 1: I shall not get the police called to our tailgate. 
Know the rules!  I know I know, sometimes things just get out of hand. However there is no better way to kill the vibe of any party than when the law shows up. We suggest that you check the tailgate or parking lot rules of the campus or stadium you are visiting to make sure that you are not in clear violation of any standing rules. Often most stadiums and campus security are lenient when people are tailgating in the parking lot. However we have heard of visitors not being treated equal so keep this in mind. 


Commandment 2: I shall show Team Spirit with the items I wear!
Make sure you show the most team pride of anyone in attendance. This means that everything you have on represents your team in some shape form or fashion with official colors or team logo. If you are hosting the tailgate party be sure that you let everyone know what this rule is. You can even make a contest out of it if you have to; like worst dress does all beverage runs! 
We carry items that will send your team spirit into overdrive like big belt buckles, sunglasses, bracelets,  key chains, iPhone cases and much more?
Nothing beats being surrounded by people that all have the same common interest. At tailgate parties you will meet new and exciting people that will come and chat, share a beverage, offer food or share a story all because you stand out in the crowd as the ultimate fan just like them. 


Commandment 3: I shall only play music people around me want to listen to or play nothing at all. 
This one is easy, you may be the biggest Milli Vanilli fan in the developed world (likely the only one), but this doesn’t give you the pass to blast this as loud as you can. Be courteous to others ears, mind and sanity and keep your weirdo tunes at bay. Use some ear buds if the lip syncing spirit moves you to “Blame it on the Rain” but if you kill the vibe of the tailgate people will just blame you!


Commandment 4: I shall not run out of food and drink before halftime….Especially Drink. 
Feed my belly! What is a tailgate party without food and drink? Be sure you cover all bases prior to the day of the tailgate. If Big Sam is a big drinker then make sure you account for Big Sam or ensure Big Sam brings enough to cover for himself. Secondly that one economy size can of baked beans is never enough. All to often at tailgate parties, you find that people are having a good time, laughing, talking, eating drinking then suddenly all the food is gone and there is still 2 hours before the game even begins. You never want to be in this situation especially if you are the host. People often think of tailgate parties as formal dinners but they are not. Tailgating is more or less like a buffet, where people pile on the food eat, then “graze eat” meaning they will come back a few times to get more of what they liked when they ate their initial plate. You also have to consider that you meet new people when tailgating. Especially if your tailgate party looks fun! Eating and drinking is a social event so account for the unaccounted guest stopping by and you offering a plate and drink while you get to know each other. 


Commandment 5: The vehicle I tailgate in shall love my team too!
Yоu will dеfinitеlу wаnt tо gеt creative whеn уоu аrе gоing аbоut decorating thе truck оr van thаt уоu аrе uѕing fоr thе tailgate party.  There is no limit to the lengths tailgaters go when they setup their tailgate spot prior to the game. The foundation is the vehicle they pull up in. The most popular method of decoration is with a car flag, they are inexpensive, colorful and you can keep them on your car all season long. Other items people add are window decals, license plates and covers, logo magnets and if you have a trailer or RV you can add a wall banner to cover a bigger area.  


Commandment 6: I shall keep my shirt on at all times. 
It’s great to be confident in your skin. We understand that it’s 1 trillion degrees outside and you are on grill duty. We know you put in 2hrs a day every day at the gym and are proud of your chiseled rock hard abs or possibly 2hrs everyday doing 10oz curls working on your beer gut. The fact still remains the only person that wants to look at your bare body while eating is you. People haven’t said anything because they are your friends, but just know you are grossing them out. 


Commandment 7: I shall be considerate of my other fans
This one is simple and once practiced a few times it becomes second nature. Being considerate means doing the following. 

  • Tailgate in front or behind your vehicle not the side. 
  • Do not take up more than one parking space at a time. 
  • Do not prevent or block others in so they can’t leave the game once over. 
  • Do not save parking spaces. Ensure you and your tailgate crew arrive together.
  • Respect your surroundings. Many kids are now Jr. tailgaters so mind your language. 
  • Don’t overly harass the opposing team fans. Spirited words are always welcome and are part of team rivalry but don’t take it to the next level. 


Commandment 8:  I shall not bring any glass containers to the tailgate
Sounds silly but this is very valid. Most lots that allow tailgating don’t allow glass containers. Many scoff at this but the reason is for safety. Tailgating isn’t just a guy activity many lovely ladies attend tailgate parties and most ladies wear sandals. If there is broken glass strewn about they are likely to cut themselves putting a damper on their tailgating experience. Again you don’t want to be that guy do you? So keep any beverages you bring to aluminum cans/bottles or pour your drink from the glass bottle into a plastic cup. Besides plastic and Styrofoam cups are in nowadays. 


Commandment 9: I shall clean up my tailgate area when done
They say the sign of an epic party is when the place is trashed. This may be true but it still remains that the mess has to be cleaned up. Nobody likes a litter bug and in some cities and stadiums this can be costly as fines add up quickly. We suggest that you always keep a garbage can or at minimum a large trash bag near your tailgating site so waste can be disposed of conveniently. 


Commandment 10: I will not drink and drive under any circumstance
Sometimes those shots of tequila creep up on you or you tried a new mixed drink and now you are sauced or feeling it more than usual. You still have to pack and get back home for the upcoming work week or class. These things do not supersede the responsibility of remaining safe and keeping yourself and others out of harm’s way. Driving impaired is a big NO NO and if you feel you are not able to drive you should ask for help. If you are hosting and have a friend that has had one to many then it should be your responsibility to not let them drive off impaired.  We want you to have fun but at the same time we want you to be safe so you can live to tailgate another day. 


We are sure that following these 10 Commandments of Tailgating will ensure you have an awesome time at your next tailgate party and make you look like a pro while doing it. If you have any other ideas or have stories of tailgating commandments violations please share them in the comments below. 


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